YA Retreat FAQ's

Frequently asked questions

What time do we leave for the YA retreat?

We will hold two check-in times at the retreat center. Attendees are able to check-in as early as 4:00pm and as late as 7:00pm. Please note that dinner will be served at 7:00pm which is why you should try to get there as early as you can.

What time will the buses leave to and from the retreat?

So far, we only have two buses that will be leaving at 5PM and on 6PM on Friday 09/24/21. Please be at St. Justina Coptic Orthodox Church no later than 5:00PM. Address: 6386 Sapphire St. Rancho Cucamonga CA 91701 So far, we only have two buses that will be leaving at 1:30PM on Sunday 09/26/21. Please be ready no later than 1:00PM for the bus to leave at 1:30PM.

What are the COVID requirements for this retreat?

There are two options that you can consider: 1. Provide proof of full COVID vaccination (both doses). 2. Provide a negative PCR test within three days of the retreat. These rules are enforced by the retreat center. If you registered, you will be receiving an email prior to the retreat by approximately 1-2 weeks to upload the above information.

What should I bring with me?

Attendees are expected to bring linens, sleeping bag and pillows, as the retreat center does not supply linens due to COVID restrictions. Should a guest forget to bring linens for their stay, linens can be provided at $20/person. You are not required to bring anything else to the retreat however below is a list of recommended items: Bible, iPad (if you want the booklet in PDF), reusable water bottle, medications or any medical necessities, comfortable fitness outfit, sanitizer, blanket sleep aids (earplugs, eye mask, etc.), healthy non-perishable snacks, modest swimsuit (i.e one-piece swimsuit), and comfortable clothes/shoes.

What if I have food restrictions?

The retreat center does accomodate those with food restrictions but its imperative that we know about those individuals two weeks prior to the retreat. Please make sure to send an e-mail to StJustinaYAmeeting@gmail.com

Will there be signal and/or Wifi?

There will be no guest wifi provided as the retreat service team will be live streaming the event and as such, all bandwidth will be needed for the streaming connection to be upheld. There will be limited signal throughout the premise which means certain areas might have strong signal while others it will not be reliable.

How many servants will there be at this retreat?

There are over 35 servants who will help with different needs through out the retreat. Below you'll see a list of the service teams: Team A: Group Leaders (15 Servants) Team B: Check-in Committee (8 Servants) Team C: Organization Team (6 Servants) Team D: Tech Team (4 Servants) Team E: Praise Team (12 Servants) Team F: Activities/Ice Breakers (2 Servants) Team G: Social Media (5 Servants) We ask that you please cooperate with our servants; they will be distingushed in wearing Navy Shirts and Yellow Badges to set them apart.

Will there be any clergy with us?

Yes, Fr. John Mikhail from St Justina's Coptic Orthodox Church will be with us in addition to Archdeacon Mark Soliman will also be in attendance.

Why does this retreat cost so much?

We definitely do not want people to pay more than they should so we have put all due deligence in bringing the cost of the retreat to an all minimum. Factors that affect the cost of the retreat: 1. Each person is provided with six meals, 8 activities, a meeting space, lodging, ammenities, a t-shirt, a booklet, and a gift. 2. The cost of the retreat started at $165 for earlybird registration on 06/20/21. Regular Registration for $185, Late Registration for $215, and Super Late Registration at $245. 3. The retreat centers have been closed for over 18 months which means a loss of business on their end and as a result the lodging costs have increased. 4. We have offered numerous discount codes for those who are part of different groups such as Archi Mark's Bible Study Group, UCR Coptic Club, and discount codes to anyone who was willing to reshare our flyer on their instagram. ** if you've already signed we cannot refund or apply any discount codes.

How do I get in touch if I still need help?

Please read through the FAQ's to get all your questions answered. If you still have a question feel free to reach out to us via the following: 1. Website Chat (found below) 2. Contact Form (found below) 3. E-mail StjustinaYAmeeting@gmail.com 4. Contact (text/call) Mary Boutros @ 909.728.3175

What will the sleeping arrangements be?

There are six large dorms; three are reserved for girls and three are reserved for the guys. There's about 300 feet of distance between the girls' dorms and the guys' dorms. The dorms will be split up based on age groups. If you wish to be in the same dorm as your friend, please make sure to come early as room assignment will be based on first-come first-served basis. Check in will begin at 4PM. The earlier you come with your group of friends the more we can accomodate you guys being together.


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