Weekly YA Meetings

It's our hope that this becomes a community where young adults can seek our Lord Jesus Christ, grow together in knowledge of the Orthodox Faith, and serve beyond our (virtual and one day physical) church walls.  At our gatherings we dive into relevant issues young adults are facing, tackling them through the lens of the Bible and the Orthodox Fathers.  You can also expect an opportunity to meet some new faces at each gathering as we build that community in a fun and fresh way.  This group invites out all young adults from their mid 20s to 30s whether you are single, dating or married.  All are welcome!  For more information please contact


Soak in all the information, knowledfge, and ethos of Orthodoxy that you can glean.

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Give insight, opinion, and explore with others the dynamic content of this ministry.

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Meet, greet, and connect with likeminded individuals who are also striving to grow in Christ.

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Make it about you and your growth. Ultimately, if you do not benefit spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, our job's not yet complete.

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Help us Grow this Ministry

As we actively attempt to grow this ministry in various ways including outreach, community service and building a strong youth group, we are in dire need to be funded. We kindly ask that you would consider donating to the efforts of this ministry.